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14-Oct-2018 12:57

Meanwhile, an article elsewhere has the Tote becoming a child care centre.

A spokesperson for the applicant, Exotic Rites Early Childhood Learning Pty Ltd, which also runs child care and early learning centres in Brunswick and Thornbury, said in an email to Tone Deaf yesterday ‘while we recognise that the venue has had an important role in Melbourne’s music community; with the number of young professionals with young children now living in the area, the land and location are far more appropriately used as an Early Learning Centre’.

The design may not be perfect, but I'm hoping over time maybe people will learn to love it, just as it will learn to love them." Me: "Jesus doesn't want those things." Grandma: "Sure he does. He hates him." My dire seriousness only served to fuel their desire to toy with me. Jesus was a huge Kenny Loggins fan." Grandma: "It's true.

I saw it in the Bible once." Me: "Grandma, Kenny Loggins wasn't even alive back then." Grandma: "Oh yes he was.

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My dissimilarity to the socio-economic profile she'd carefully constructed meant that I had to change, quickly, to try and tick some more boxes, but in this particular case it seemed to involve joining Spandau Ballet, which was going to be tricky.

And then someone comes along who's not your type, but they like you and you remember the burning injustice you felt when you were 14, so you try to explain, as best you can, that it's not going to happen.