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A speed overdose most commonly refers to an overdose of amphetamines, but some drug users also refer to methamphetamines as speed.

A methamphetamine overdose can be far more serious than an amphetamine overdose and can result in cardiac arrest, stroke, coma, or death.

Poison control hot-lines are confidential and can help a person who is overdosing on amphetamines to find help.

After amphetamine overdose has been treated, it’s advisable to seek addiction treatment.

When a person is using speed, he or she will often become extremely alert and wakeful.

Enhanced attention and concentration may be present (which is one of the reasons that speed is popular among some college students). However, in the long term or during an overdose, the negative effects of speed will become apparent.

Feelings of panic might be treated with barbiturates, although in most cases, the effects of amphetamine use will simply be allowed to wear off.

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