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Regulation: Harvard Economist Jeffrey Miron Releases "Costs Of Marijuana Prohibition: Economic Analysis" Sentencing Project: US "Drug War" Focus Has Shifted Toward Marijuana Enforcement, Away From Other Drugs Federal Report: US Prison, Jail Population Continues To Grow Marijuana Users In Treatment: Unspinning The News To Reveal The Research Lies, Damned Lies and Crime Statistics: Scandals Reveal Doctoring Of Crime Data By Police Feds Release 2003 National Survey On Drug Use And Health, Find Fewer Young People Admit To Use Of Drugs European Union Report: Ultra-High Potency Cannabis Assertion Is False Researchers Sue Over Federal Marijuana Research Policies Study: No Association Between Marijuana Use And Incidence Of Oral Cancer Study: Prenatal Drug Use, Home Environment Impact Children's Development Justice Dept.

Thor: Before the high court has you executed, you should be made to watch what happens when we return here with the gargans! There is no family so poor but that the evening meal can be eaten in an atmosphere of warmth and gentleness. [Nick and Lisa are trying to escape Robertson's building while also being chased by his guards. Check out these other CSDP news pages: Afghanistan AIDS Anti-Drug Media Campaign Asia and the US Drug War Bolivia Bush's Cabinet Burma Canada Chronic Pain Management Colombia Communities Against the Drug War Conferences & Events Corruption DARE Admits Failure Drug Control Alternatives Ecstasy Families Targeted by Drug War Federal Drug Control Strategy Hemp News Heroin & Heroin Addiction Treatment Higher Education Act (HEA) Reform Initiatives International Reform Laos Mandatory Minimums Marijuana Medical Marijuana Methamphetamines Mexico Narco-Funded Terrorism New Mexico Nixon New York ONDCP Oxy Contin Pain Management Peru Police Shootings & Botched Raids Prop 36 Racial Profiling Recommended Reading Research News South America Thailand Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Tulia United Kingdom Moves Toward Reform United Nations: News and Reports Drug War Facts Research Archive Coalition for Medical Marijuana Managing Chronic Pain Drug War Distortions Safety First Get Active!Drug Truth Network Links Drug Strategy Drugs and Terror Recommended Reading Site Map Click to go to the item or scroll down Canadian Study Finds Heroin More Effective Treatment Than Methadone for Recovering Heroin Addicts Media Misunderstands University of Texas Researchers' Claims That Marijuana May Spread and Prolong Pain Study Finds Link Between Marijuana Use and a Reduced Risk for Head and Neck Cancers United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Issues Centennial Report British Study Says Drug Legalization Could Save Billion Per Year Human Rights Watch Study Finds Massive Racial Disparities in Drug Arrests Across Three Decades Italian Study Finds Whole Marijuana Plant More Than Sum of its Parts Government Report Notes Conflict Between Drug Control, Foreign Relations Strategies US Leads World In Substance Use New Study Shows One Adult For Every One Hundred Is Behind Bars In US Marijuana and Gum Disease Increasing Penalties for Pot Would Not Keep Young People From Using Justice Department: US Prison Population Hits New Record High Swiss Research Shows Occasional Marijuana Use Not Harmful To Teens Sentencing Commission Releases 2007 Report To Congress On Cocaine And Federal Sentencing Policy Canada: Social and Economic Costs from Alcohol Use Double That of Illegal Drugs Lancet: Rational Scale Assessing Harms of Drugs Shows Alcohol More Dangerous Than Cannabis, Ecstasy Pew Trust Project Report Forecasts Increase In America's Prison Population Justice Department: More Than 2.3 Million Americans Behind Bars Sentencing Project Report Debunks Methamphetamine Myths US Incarceration Rate Continues To Rise US Incarceration Rate Highest In World White House To Test Sewage – New Methodology Can Determine Drug Use Rates Monitoring The Future 2005 – Survey Of US Teen Drug Use Federal Report Criticizes Drug Czar's Numbers, Assertions On Colombia Drug Czar's Claim Of Success In Cocaine War Doesn't Stand Up To Scrutiny US Justice Department: Nearly 7 Million Under Correctional Supervision DOJ Releases 2004 Report On State And Federal Prisoners FBI Spins New Crime Numbers Feds Issue Report On Denial Of Benefits To Drug Offenders New Report: Teen Marijuana Use Down In States With Medical Marijuana Laws Report: Marijuana Arrests Have No Impact On Overall Marijuana Use Study: Ultra-Rapid Detox Less Effective, More Dangerous Than Traditional Methods US DOJ Reports On Number Of Drug Offenders In US Jails Secret UK Government Report Blasts Drug War UNAIDS: Syringe Exchanges Are A Necessary Part Of Global AIDS Prevention Efforts; UN Office On Drugs And Crime: Just Say No UN Issues Report On Andean Coca Cultivation ; ' Lowball' Estimate Still Shows Increase Lies, Damn Lies, and Government Statistics: Houston Chronicle Says Drug Czar's Cocaine Estimates Much Too Low Drug Czar Spins Mexican Heroin & Marijuana Production Economics Of Marijuana Prohibition Vs.A combination of optimal therapies [...] can attract those most severely addicted to heroin, keep them in treatment and more importantly, help improve their social and medical conditions." In addition to the important aforementioned findings, the study also showed that "the participants' involvement in illegal activities and money spend on drugs fell by almost 50 percent." The full study appears in the August 20 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, and was initially released in October of 2008.

In an August 14, 2009 article, Medical News Today stated that "University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston researchers" believe that "they've found at least part of the answer" to questions regarding how and why some severe pains "vanish so quickly" while others "torment their victimes for years." In other words, a group of researchers may be getting closer to discovering the differences between acute and chronic pain. Men have always sought an end to the toil and misery, but it can't be given, it has to be achieved. (points to the right while Servo makes missile noises) In you... (Fu Manchu sits down; the crew all make raspberry noises) Servo: Oh... Morrissey: This is a song that I wrote in a time in my life when I was very, very, very sad. It's called "Hairdresser in a Coma": I cried last night, I died a million deaths. Joel: [reading fan letter, a child's crayon scribble on graph paper] Cambot, put this up on still-store, there's no print, but it's a really good drawing of me, and, Crow, and... They were also unfortunate enough to have evolved with heavy-duty zippers running up their backs. "Servo: [takes book, does Palance] "Day Five: missed call. " and then we went to Nine West but we couldn't find anything we wanted cause I have really wide feet, but sometimes I can find stuff at Payless, anyhoo, Cindy told me that Victoria's Secret was just around the corner, and she said that they're having a sale, and she knows I'm really broke right now, so I confronted her, and, well... We then cut to Mike finishing up his daily running exercise. This is just the nail in the coffin, as far as I'm concerned. It's called Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders, and it's a delightful Bambi romp through a flowery fairy land of happy, harmless, fru-fru family fun for the whole family of all ages ... Crow: [singing along with the music] Gonna go to the store! I came up with this Holo-Clown Sequencer to cheer up the Bots but now I can't get it to shut off and it's getting hard to sleep at night and I'm tasting metal! It's a fetid little piece of tripe featuring sword and sorcery, Gary Lockwood and an embarrassed Basil Rathbone. Scabbing, inflexible, lethargic, mucus-expelling creatures having no spoken language and no particular powers with which to conquer. Wandered into shot yesterday and they decided to keep it." [referring to his character's recurring phrase] "What the heck does 'Avante, avante' mean? Mike [as Whitey]: So then Mabel said to me "well, why'd you wear those earrings? Oh, we learned some cats can open the refrigerator, get the milk, bring the milk into the middle of the kitchen, throw it up in the air, drop it on the floor, shatter it all over the place.[The film begins with a flyby of the Satellite of Love, orbiting over Earth. The guards come in and see the open door of the false route.]Servo: Which means I really, really hate the citizens and officials of Rutland, Vermont. I never liked the citizens and officials of stupid Rutland, Vermont! [While the characters are planning to rob the local prison's evidence room, Mike and the Bots discover Buz is supposed to be a teenager despite the fact that the actor who plays him is clearly pushing 40.]Pearl [introducing the movie]: I invite you to suffer through today's movie. Crow and Servo: Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, munch, munch, munch, munch, chew, chew, chew, chew, gorge, gorge, gorge, gorge, burp, burp, burp, burp, STUFF LOTS OF FOOD IN YOUR MEAN BABY FA-A-ACE! Incarceration: Report On Mississippi State Spending Lays Out Stark Choices Canadian Senate Committee Report Supports Marijuana Decriminalization GAO Report: DOJ Data On Drug Courts Insufficient To Evaluate Effectiveness Of Drug Court Program Canadian Study Examines Effect Of Cannabis On IQ, Gets Mixed Results US Justice Department: Federal Prison Population Continues To Skyrocket While Growth Slows At State Prisons And Local Jails US Justice Department Releases Study On Drivers Stopped By Police Police Study Shows: De-Emphasizing Cannabis Enforcement Saves Time, Improves Efficiency; Public Opinion Survey Shows Residents Approve Of New Policy Study: UK Cannabis Reform Could Save Millions, Improve Police Image With Public Effects Of Long-Term Marijuana Use On Cognition Studied Justice Department Releases 2001 Report On Traffic Stop Data Collection Policies In States Report Details Drug Laws In All Fifty States Report: Lifetime Ban On Welfare For Offenders Hits At Least 135,000 Innocent Children Monitoring The Future 2001 Report Issued; Few Surprises, Changes To Earlier Trends Fiscal Realities Drive States To Consider Alternatives To Incarceration Justice Department: US Spends 7 Billion A Year On Criminal Justice System Annual Report on European Drug Use Issued By EU Monitoring Agency FBI Releases Uniform Crime Report 2000; Arrests for Drugs, Particularly Marijuana, At All-Time Highs Feds Release Annual National Survey Of Drug Abuse, Report Little Change In Use Rates Columbia University Study Dismisses DARE, ' Zero Tolerance' School Drug Prevention Programs As Ineffective University of Michigan Releases Monitoring The Future 2000 Survey Results Research Documents Tremendous Growth In Number Of Drug Offenders Serving Time In Federal Prison New ACLU Poll Shows Americans Believe Rehabilitation Works; Strong Support Shown For Positive Alternatives For Non-Violent Offenders Department Of Justice Report Casts More Doubt On Gateway Theory, Contends It May Be Time To De-Emphasize ' Tough' Law Enforcement NIDA Report On Drug Use By Minorities Confirms: Whites More Likely Than Blacks To Use United Nations Drug Control Program Issues 2001 Global Illicit Drug Trends Report; Estimates Of Colombian Cocaine Production Revised Drastically Upward RAND Corporation Report: Plan Colombia "Predicated On A Doubtful Strategy" New Federal Report Cites Increasing Heroin Use And Injection Drug Use Among Youth In New Jersey Syringe Exchange Update Racial Disparities Found In Illinois Drug Prosecutions; 99% Of Cook County Youth Tried As Adults Are Non-White Houston Racial Profiling Data Collection Flawed According To Newspaper's Analysis US Government Committee Says Law Enforcement Appears Ineffective At Reducing Illicit Drug Use; Recommends Research Into Alternatives Study Shows News Reports Overstate Crime, Drug Use By Minorities, Argues That False Perceptions Shape Policy Debate US Youth More Likely To Use Drugs Than European Young People, Study Finds Justice Department Tracking Police-Public Contact New Research Trials Starting On Cannabis & MS Columbia University Report Shows Parenting Key To Stopping Teen Drug Use RAND Corporation Research Shows Marijuana Decriminalization Does Not Increase Use New Report Finds Most State Anti-Drug Spending Goes To Criminal Justice System Surgeon General Releases Report on Youth Violence FBI Releases Crime Data as Media Reports Raise Questions About Accuracy of FBI Statistics Philadelphia Inquirer Blows Whistle On Police Statistics -- Thousands Of Previously Ignored Crimes Come To Light Monitoring The Future According to an August 20, 2009 report by Canada's All Headline News, Canadian scientists who conducted a study "of 251 drug addicts in Montreal and Vancouver" found "that giving recovering addicts diacetylmorphine" - the active ingredient in heroin - "is more effective and leads to higher rates of recovery than administering oral methadone" ("NAOMI Study: Heroin Better Than Methadone for Recovering Drug Addicts").