Predating the time of noah literally

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In 2014, AB 2752 (Chapter 345, 9/15/2014) added Oxnard to the list of cities with relinquished portions and added segment (4), and deleted item (h) regarding relinquishment to the city of Oxnard.[Note: It appears that Oxnard has rerouted Route 1 onto Rice Ave (see below), but there is no signage.Current Functional Classifications (used for aid purposes): Principal Arterial (PA); Minor Arterial (MA); Collector (Col); Rural Minor Collector/Local Road (RMC/LR).

Isaiah described Him in 53: 2b He wouldn’t fit in well with the prosperity preachers on TV.He wouldn’t make a popular itinerant preacher today.He wouldn’t be getting millions of hits on You Tube.And these stones were just not simple stepping stones or mortar bricks but more like boulders and these boulders had to be chiseled and cut down to size.

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Every bit of the carpenters work was extremely labor intensive and so we should realize that Jesus had to have been a big, strong man with great physical strength, yet He kept this strength under control in what is a good description of meekness: Strength under control.

Did He look different from the rest of the Jews or was He no different from those of His day?