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These characteristics are interpreted as adaptations to living at great water depths.The flesh of the Greenland shark is toxic because of the presence of high concentrations of trimethylamine oxide (TMAO).In August 2013, researchers from Florida State University caught the first documented Greenland shark in the Gulf of Mexico at a depth of 1,749 m (5,738 ft), where the water temperature was 4.1 °C (39.4 °F).When hoisted upon deck, it beats so violently with its tail, that it is dangerous to be near it, and the seamen generally dispatch it, without much loss of time.As recently as 1957, females were found not to deposit eggs in the bottom mud, but retain the developing embryos within their bodies so they are born alive after an undetermined gestation period (a process known as ovoviviparity).About 10 pups per litter are normal, each initially measuring some 38–42 cm (15–17 in) in length.

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Because this top speed is only half that of a typical seal in their diet, biologists are uncertain how the sharks are able to prey on the faster seals.

It is hypothesized that they may ambush them while they sleep.