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Beckster Meets Boo by: Crex Crex - A pretty neighbour introduces her friend who needs a little comforting.I first spoke to Rebecca when she was playing in the front garden with my neighbours eldest daughter Denka, I was doing some gardening and found a toad, grabbed my camera and, l....Being a war orphan, living in a hostel, maintained by The Jewish Community, I was his closest friend. Preparations - Sequel to The Hunt by: First Gene - About a week before school starts we had a visitor, moms uncle Sam from Jerusalem. Daddy's Angel by: Jormunda - Tabitha Leighton watched her 15 year old neighbor Bonnie Mc Call through the living room window.Just a few short weeks ago, the girl had been kind of a strict religious fanatic who ran the Virgin group at the high school. The Hunt - The Summer of 1947 by: First Gene - Bucharest, the summer of 1947 My Mother and I were the only survivors from the war.Both Ms Ames and myself have been delighted to look after the little girl this week and I must admit she has been an inspiration both to ourselves and ....

Daddy's Angel Prequel: Bonnie's Tale by: Jormunda - For Bonnie Mc Call, it was a typical Friday night.This time at the gym, there were more people than usual, with Yoni, Joe and Gaddy leading Ilana and Marina, and their daughters, Shiri and Katia.All of the girls were pretty, goddesses but this time of the day is ....After all, even a Battle Ship needs to dock for a while.