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Given plenty of exercise and training, he can also be a wonderful family companion.Choose him if you enjoy running, hiking, water sports, or other activities that he can do with you. Although he’s called a spaniel, the Irish Water Spaniel is primarily a water retriever and has a fine reputation as a hunting dog among those in the know.In many locations during the Easter Rising, particularly at Jacobs Factory, the Four Courts and Bolands Mill, the Volunteers barely saw a British soldier all week.Rather their positions were isolated and bombarded from distance.Marching up through the suburbs, they were warmly applauded by the upper class crowds still enjoying the Spring Show at the Royal Dublin Society, until they stumbled into the crossfire at Northumberland Road – between two Volunteers in house at number 25 (notably Mick Malone armed with a Mauser automatic pistol) and another four at St Stephen’s Parochial Hall. [6] Although there was an alternative crossing of the canal available just a street away at Baggot Street, which would have flanked the Volunteers’ position, General Lowe ordered that the bridge at Mount street be taken “at all costs”.[7] For the rest of the day, at the sound of whistles every twenty minutes, waves of hapless troops, led by officers with drawn swords, charged up the Road, only to be shot down.

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There they were drawn into street fighting, with its invisible snipers and sudden close range cross-fires, which negated their superiority in men and firepower.

Not all of the Sherwood Foresters casualties were fatalities however.