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Bourguiba's official birthdate is 3 August 1903, though he stated he was likely born a year earlier, on 3 August 1902, or possibly 1901.Bourguiba's mother gave birth to him when she was 40, which, according to Bourguiba, was a source of great shame for her.Needing to draw the world's attention, he had an effective role in starting the armed struggle against France, in 1952.Maintaining turmoil, he was imprisoned in La Galite Island for two years, before being released and sent to France, ready for negotiation with the arrival of Pierre Mendès France as Prime minister.He was enrolled in the army by general Ahmed Zarrouk, and spent nineteen years of his life campaigning before retiring.Eager to avoid such a fate for his last child, he decided to ensure Habib obtained his Certificat d'études primaires, which would dispense him from military service, just like his elder sons.He then negotiated independence from France which he obtained on 20 March 1956.Following the country's independence, Bourguiba was appointed prime minister by king Muhammad VIII al-Amin and acted as De facto ruler before proclaiming the Republic, on 25 July 1957.

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In 1927, he graduated from the University of Paris and worked as a lawyer, after his return to Tunis, in the late 1920s.This disagreement started a civil war that opposed Bourguibists, who favored a stepwise policy and modernism and youssefists, the conservative Arab nationalist supporters of Ben Youssef.The showdown ended with the Sfax Congress of 1955 in favor of Bourguiba.However, his attempts were in vain as the Arab countries were preoccupied with Israeli–Palestinian conflict.