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03-Mar-2018 05:43

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Click through, fly your geek flag, and maybe pick something out for the science fan in your life.I’m a big fan of drones, and the DJI Inspire 1 is the best consumer-grade drone I’ve ever seen.Please, non-denominational gift fairy, help me make bar charts fun. When I want to relax on vacation days I tend to blast music and cook meals that use all four burners.,900 I have a confession: I’m an audio snob, and I tend to review headphones pretty harshly.I like a very specific balance of sound, and it’s usually one that complements the jazz classics I listen to in the morning. All of it would look so much cooler in slow motion.Most importantly, as I bump around the country I love that I get to carry a whole library in my backpack.

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Expect this to be on my list until I can actually buy one.

The cost may be prohibitive, but I'm dying to feel what those supercar engineers put in this mesh and carbon-fiber shoe.