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A little quirky, a little kooky, it can be hard to get women born under this sign comfortable enough to actually commit to a relationship, but once you do, they’ll prove that the effort was worth it.Thanks to their love of all things unusual, Aquarius women look at any of your flaws or shortcomings at something to be loved, appreciated, and admired.

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Sure, he might be a little too into his looks, but he’s also fiercely protective of those he loves, and unwaveringly loyal.If you’re looking to determine who to avoid the next time you start swiping on Tinder, look no further: these are the signs (his and hers) that should be dropped like a hot potato and those you should make plans with ASAP!If you want a unique boyfriend who thinks out of the box and marches to the beat of his own drum, then an Aquarius is your man, but these guys just don’t have what it takes to be a good match in a long-term relationship.This dude doesn’t have the confidence or the foresight to pull off rom-com behavior so save yourself some heartache and end it before you get in too deep.