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Everyone has the same facts, such as fossils, rocks, etc. Have you ever tried to do that, but encountered a brick wall of resistance where the challenger dismisses anything you have to offer?How one interprets those facts does depend to a great extent on one’s presuppositions—or worldview—that is brought to the table. Your friend might even say, ‘You just have faith, you have no evidence, I base my beliefs on evidence.’ What is going on here?Without this innate logic/rationality it would not be possible to live. We even see this logic in babies, who react to improbable situations with surprise.Researchers showed pre-speech infants balls bouncing inside a container with a hole where the ball could exit.We all have the same evidence in the present that we interpret according to an assumed history of the origin of everything—either that things self-created somehow, or that God created them.So, it is not ‘science versus religion’ or ‘facts versus faith’ but one faith versus another faith.Such logic is ‘built-in’, a part of the way in which the creation reveals the attributes of God (Romans ff).

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Merely asserting that ours is the better one is not going to get us far.It is certainly important to show someone that their view, whatever it is, is not just ‘the facts’, but that they have brought certain assumptions (axioms) to the table for which they have no evidence, and that their presuppositions determine how they interpret facts that they then claim is evidence for their worldview.Biblical creationists interpret the facts/data in terms of the axioms revealed by Scripture: creation about 6,000 years ago, the Fall bringing sin and death, and the global Flood.Without all three of these, it would not be possible to cross the street safely.