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The rain was falling steadily on Buxton that Thursday afternoon in March, the town veiled by drifting low clouds, grey and discouraging.

Stuart Gratton was sitting at a small table in the brightly lit bookshop window with his back to the street, but from time to time he turned to look outside at the slow-moving cars and trucks, the pedestrians splashing along with their faces averted, umbrellas low over their shoulders.

Gratton gratefully signed that, as well as the copies requested by the other customers, but now all of them were gone.

By arrangement, Doug would be waiting for him in the bar of The Thistle, two doors down from the bookshop.

On the table before him was a glass of wine which he had almost finished drinking and next to it a half-empty half-bottle of hock.

Beside the wine glass was a narrow-necked flute, with a single red rose standing upright in the water.

However, few of his readers appeared to be in Buxton during that afternoon of dismal rain.

Gratton was regretting having agreed once again to a signing session.

Malice has since written for such prestigious magazines as Hustler and Juxtapoz and co-edited the underground newspaper FILTH. oh, fussy fussy fussy little leather guy, do you only have sex, when someone makes you cry?

He was jetlagged from the long flight across the Atlantic, he was also tired from lack of sleep overnight and he was feeling oppressed by the backlog of work which had accumulated while he was away. I’ve already received ten or twelve responses to the advertisement, but I’ve been away and I haven’t been able to get around to any of them yet. ’ ‘I’ll do what I can and let you know what I think.

In his introspective mood he suddenly remembered his wife Wendy, who had died two years before. Both my parents died some years ago.’ ‘Well, Dad told me once that he’d put down everything in writing, his whole life, his time in the air force, everything he did. Most of what he wrote about is the war, which I’ve never found interesting. ‘No, the originals are a couple of dozen ordinary exercise books. But in practice, war memoirs don’t have a general market these days, unless they’re by someone famous.’ ‘You see, when I saw your ad I wondered if that might be it.

He had undertaken similar stints in the past, so he should have known what was likely to happen. Do you suppose Dad is the man you’re interested in?

What made this one worse was the fact that he had cut short a research trip abroad to be home in time for the appointment. ’ ‘It’s impossible to say until I’ve read what he wrote. Sawyer’s not an unusual name, as you no doubt realize. ’ ‘There’s a covering letter with my address.’ ‘I’m really grateful to you, Mrs Chipperton,’ Gratton said. ‘I hate to ask you,’ she said, while they were still shaking hands. I mean, if the material turns out to be suitable for publication and there was the possibility of payment, would I - ?

The area manager from his publishers, who was supposed to come along to support Gratton at the signing, had called on his mobile to say there had been a traffic accident on the M1 and that he was going to be late.