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My first experience of vertigo was in 1983 while being a passenger in my dads Piper 210 airplane.The instructor did a climb and stall and then rolled out of it.I remember the sensation of just being lost and not in the right place. As a grown up, Ive ridden every roller coaster I can find. We decided to see George Palmer after his hip surgery.Its a great thrill, but I always experience vertigo. He sent me a text and said he was on North Ridge Road. Do you ever have days that you feel like your significant other (in this case, my wife) is angry with you? Several months ago I had an accident and injured my shoulder.When I looked up, the terrain was wrong and my brain got more confused. It wasnt until the end of the day that I asked her what was wrong and she told me it was the snoring that kept her up all night. I probably feel worse about telling her that sometimes she snores too and keeps me awake. I was setting myself up to be Lucy and Desi Arnaz from "I Love Lucy." They were married in real life, but slept in separate bedrooms on the series.Some claim that "The Musters Herman and Lily were the first couple to be portrayed sleeping in the same bed on television.The eligibility of this one as a valid claim to rights is sometimes questioned because the Munsters werent exactly a "human" couple.Fred and Wilma bunked together on their rock bed in The Flintstones from 1960-66 (but their eligibility is also questioned because despite being human in character, they were cartoons and not real actors).

Ronda was driving me to a doctors appointment in Wichita. We drove up and down Ridge, but couldnt find the recovery center where George said he was at. While Im waiting to see a surgeon, Im slowly getting more mobility and for the first time in almost two months, I had a great nights sleep Wednesday night into Thursday morning! Unfortunately, my great night of sleep must have translated into a terrible nights sleep for my wife. So Thursday, I was all bubbly and bouncy and busy, but Ronda was a zombie, and might I say, a slightly grumpy zombie.

Thank you Pat and Tonya White, Jordan and Julia White, Brennan White and Norm Clouse for mentoring him.