Dating holidays ukraine

31-May-2018 20:34

Foreigners visiting Ukraine around the winter holidays are likely to be stumped by the phrase “Old New Year.” The holiday is still celebrated on January 14, in memory of the switch Ukraine made in 1918 to the Gregorian calendar, when 14 astronomically redundant days were annulated.However, parts of the Orthodox Church never made the switch, and still live by the older Julian calendar.Having two state holidays would allow parishes to choose themselves what date to celebrate Christmas on.A similar practice exists in Greek Catholic parishes outside Ukraine – today, there are parishes that still celebrate the date on January 7, while most stick to December 25.

There is much to offer tourists, many lovely sights, traditional sounds and unique smells.And after 1,500 years, the calendar lagged a whole 10 days, which was the reason of the introduction of the renewed Gregorian calendar in the XVI century.The Gregorian calendar was introduced on 4 October 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII.This allows citizens to choose when to celebrate one of the largest Church holidays.