Dating at the high musuem of art

21-May-2018 22:05

The Victory Column was built in 1864 after the defeat of Denmark in the Danish-Prussian War.

But it would also come to represent a slew of other victories in that era, over Austria and then France in 1870-71.

Still, Nefertiti is only one of many exhibits, from hieroglyphics to sarcophagi and two preserved ancient courtyards, one Egyptian and one Greek.

For first-timers in Berlin the Brandenburg Gate is obligatory, and it’s charged with real emotion and meaning, as an ever-present landmark during the destruction of the Second World War and the Berlin Wall when it stood at the divide.

This ceremonial monument was erected at the turn of the 1790s at the behest of the Prussian King Frederick William II, on the site of one of Berlin’s former defensive gates.

For a small fee you can tridge the 285 steps of the spiral stairway to watch over the Tiergarten and Berlin 51 metres above the park.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Museum Island on the Spree is an ensemble of five world-beating museums.

This wealth of painting wasn’t amassed by a single family, but was curated by the Prussian Government from 1815 as a cross-section of European art.